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Terms And Conditions

Updated on 09-11-2022


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient time is allowed to arrive on time at their destination.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to reserve the appropriate vehicle capacity to carry the number of passengers and baggage.
  • The maximum capacity of Toyota Hiace is 14 people and 14 bags.
  • The maximum capacity of the Hyundai H1 minivan is 7 people and 7 medium bags.
  • All reservations are subject to availability.
  • Reservations are accepted through our call center available 24/7. All our telephone bookings are taken with great care and attention to ensure they are accurate and all calls may even be recorded to ensure the maximum quality of service provided.
  • Reservations are accepted through the Facebook page, online booking, e-mail and also by calling us, as long as full details are provided and subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Reservation confirmation data will be sent to the customer immediately after booking within 1-3 working hours.

Flight date change: 

  • Please let us know in case of any change in your flight plans such as cancellation, modification or delay.
  • In the event that the flight is delayed for another day, we will review whether the car or bus is available on the day that was specified, and based on that, a decision will be made.


  • The element of safety for the customer and the driver and the dangers that occur to the car:
    • The driver has the right to refuse any passenger whose opinion poses a danger to the passenger himself, the driver or the vehicle due to health and safety rules. However, the passenger is responsible for paying the full fare.
    • Smoking/alcoholic beverages are not permitted while in the vehicle.
    • The driver has the right to refuse service if the passengers do not behave in an orderly manner, or if there are risks to the cleanliness and safety of the vehicle and the driver.
    • The driver is not responsible for carrying out the transportation if the passengers are drunk or disorderly. The driver has the right to refuse service if there is a risk of damage to the vehicle by passengers, their luggage or pets. In the event of refusal of service due to such circumstances, the reservation fee will be charged in full.



  • Our transfer rates are per car/vehicle per way.
  • There are no additional charges for flight delays if the pick-up point is from the airport.
  • Any transportation where the driver is required to wait longer than the specified time will be charged as follows.

Extra time delay fee:

On all transfers other than airport transfers, the maximum free waiting time is 30 minutes. For transfers, the free waiting time is 45 minutes of the agreed time. After the free waiting time allowed, the following charges will apply:

  • 60 minutes waiting time – 50 Egyptian pounds

Change in flight path: 

40 Egyptian pounds are paid for each 5 kilo increase, in the event of a change in the itinerary agreed upon by the traveler.

paying off :-

  • A small part is paid as a deposit to confirm the car reservation, and the rest of the amount is paid with the driver at the beginning or end of the trip.
  • Prices do not include road cards or transit fees.
  • To pay by credit card for online reservations. Your credit card will be charged the full amount at the time you book.

Our payment methods:

  • Company Headquarters
  • Bank account (CIB / National Bank of Egypt NBE)
  • E-Wallets (Vodafone Cash)

Lost and Found:

When you arrive at your destination, please check to make sure that you have retrieved all your belongings, such as bags, bags, appliances, and his… small items such as phones, cameras, briefcases, sunglasses…etc.

  • We do our best to return items left in our vehicles to their owners, but we accept no liability for loss, theft, damage or misplacement.
  • Passengers are fully responsible for their personal belongings.
  • Anything incurred in returning a defaulted item to its owner must be paid by the owner.

the responsibility : 

Our chauffeurs always make every effort to easily take you to your destination on time, in a safe and comfortable manner. Our chauffeurs will take the travel from the initial ride point in the best route to your destination by taking into account the following facts, traffic, time, road closures, diversions…etc.

Bedaya Limousine Company will not bear any responsibility whatsoever in case of delay due to circumstances beyond their control such as:

  • Bad or critical weather conditions.
  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Unexpected traffic delays.
  • Industrial action by third parties.
  • Problems caused by passengers.
  • Vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government employee.

Driver tips (tips):

  • No driver gratuities are included in the price.
  • Tipping is permitted and greatly appreciated by our drivers