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ايجار ليموزين المطار بالسواق

We have the latest types of cars

خدمة تأجير سيارات كابورليه

The best limousine services ever

تاجير مرسيدس بالسائق

Bedaya Limousine

Mercedes cars for rent

Therefore, rent luxury Mercedes cars for VIP transportation and business services. Luxury cars for daily and monthly rent, with or without driver. However, you can get a special discount for airport transfers. Call to find out more.

Therefore, enjoy the best airport transportation service at the lowest prices from Bedaya Limousine. Therefore, we are known as one of the best Mercedes cars in Egypt as we offer you the easiest way to get to the airport in Egypt.

Therefore, we provide you with the latest and largest fleet of cars equipped with all services, whether airport services or other services. Therefore, in addition to an excellent team of the best professional drivers trained at the highest level.

limo car

VIP service


Car rental services

Airport limousine prices

Mercedes E200


Luxury limousine

professional driver


3 bags

Rang Rover


Luxury limousine

professional driver


3 bags

Land Cruiser


Luxury limousine

professional driver


3 bags

باصات مرسيدس سياحية للإيجار

Tourist transportation

Airport limousine

تاجير مرسيدس بالسائق

business men

Why Bedaya Limousine

High security

We provide complete safety for all our customers, as maintenance courses are conducted for all types of cars owned by the company, and they are carefully examined before delivering them to you. All of our drivers are vaccinated against the new Corona virus to obtain the highest levels of safety during your stay in Egypt.


We offer you an advantage to all governorates and airports in the Arab Republic of Egypt for delivery in all governorates and for safe and fast delivery with a professional driver who is fully familiar with all the roads in Egypt, who will reach you wherever you are with ease.

Luxury limousines

Our company is distinguished by a complete fleet of cars for all types of services and trips, so there is no need to bother searching for a general car for daily use, as you can find what suits your needs with Bedaya Limousine Company and its luxury cars.

What our customers say about us


Thank you very much, Bedaya Limo Egypt Company, frankly, an excellent deal on time, a clean car, a professional driver, driver Mohamed. I highly recommend and will do business with this company. So when I visit Egypt it is the fifth time I book a round trip to Sharm El Sheikh with the company, really the service is very good and available at any time.

Zain S. B

Honestly one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Excellent service though. Both the car and driver were excellent and arrived on time. So this is a great company and the dealings are very upscale. Best company. Therefore, I requested a car for a two-day trip to Alexandria. Honestly, the service is very good.

Youssef Ahmed

Trip prices

Mercedes Viano

7 PAX | Business class | 2022

Mercedes E200

3 PAX | Business class | 2022

Mercedes S450

3 PAX | Business class | 2022

Range Rover

7 PAX | Business class | 2022

Land Cruiser

7 PAX | Business class | 2022

Toyota Hiace

13 PAX | Business class | 2022


Choose your car

Choose between suitable cars based on the number of people and bags

Select destination

Choose your destination, place of departure and place of arrival

Confirm the order

Confirm the order by contacting us via phone or WhatsApp

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Mercedes E200 limousine for rent

Do not hesitate to contact us. Available 24 hours.

Send what you want. Always available

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Closed Friday)

We have customer service available at all times to serve you. Therefore, explain to us your message regarding a reservation request or sending a complaint, and you will be answered by the relevant department.

Phone: 201003203210

FAX : 02 22716608

INFO[at]LIMOUSINEMISR.COM Abbas Al-Akkad, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt

Limousine services

In a world where time is accelerating and demands are increasing, individuals and business people seek luxurious experiences and unparalleled comfort during their travels. Our company comes to meet this need with luxury limousine services that combine elegance and professionalism. Here’s a closer look at the services we offer:

Business limousine service

In today’s business world, time is a valuable resource, so providing high-end and luxurious transportation to business people is of utmost importance. Our business limousine service allows you to enjoy comfort and focus on your business while on the go. Our team is characterized by professionalism and personal service, striving to meet all your needs with precision and attention.

Business Limousine Service Elegance and professionalism in every detail. The business limousine service we provide is distinguished by its uniqueness and attention to the smallest details, as we strive to meet the expectations and needs of our valued customers in an extreme manner. So here’s a deeper look at what our service offers businessmen. So, the beginning is to choose the right car that reflects elegance and luxury. Our fleet consists of luxury cars such as luxury sedans and sporty SUVs, equipped with the latest technology and comfort to ensure a unique experience.

Professional drivers with privacy and comfort

We are keen to provide a quiet and private environment for businessmen during their trips. Our luxury cars provide the privacy our customers need to make phone calls or work on their laptops without interference. We pride ourselves on a team of professional drivers who are skilled and honest. Our drivers deal with our customers with the utmost professionalism, adding a touch of taste and politeness to every trip. They also have good knowledge of the routes and locations, ensuring that you reach your destination smoothly and on time.

We understand that business needs may constantly change, which is why we offer service customization options. Customers can choose features such as express queuing, set wait times, and select multiple destinations to meet their unique requirements. Our company offers economical packages tailored to meet the needs of business people. We understand the importance of cost and strive to provide high value services at competitive prices.

Our business service represents luxury and luxurious mobility in the business world. So choose our company for a unique experience characterized by professionalism and comfort on every trip. Contact us today to book and enjoy the highest levels of service and excellence.

Limousine car rental service

If you are looking for a flexible and luxurious solution to your transportation needs, our limousine rental service is the ideal choice. This option allows you to choose the car that suits your taste and needs, and offers you peace of mind thanks to professional and hospitable drivers who are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for a flexible and customized solution to your transportation needs, our limousine rental service embodies luxury transportation in a style that provides freedom of choice to our customers. Here are more details about our service

Our customers can choose the car that suits their taste and needs. Car rental gives you access to a wide variety of cars, from luxury sedans to sport utility vehicles (SUVs), providing a unique experience on every trip. Our service offers flexibility in rental periods, as customers can choose the period that suits their personal or business plans. Whether it is a daily, weekly or even monthly rental, we are here to meet your needs efficiently.

We offer two options to our customers, they can choose to drive themselves or avail the service of a professional chauffeur. If you are looking for your own driving experience, car rental gives you that freedom. Whether you prefer to focus on your work or relax, you can count on our professional driver to drive safely and professionally.

A luxurious experience in your style:

Integrated maintenance: We are keen to provide cars that undergo regular and comprehensive maintenance, to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. Our service guarantees attention to every detail, whether it is the technical performance of the car or its internal and external cleanliness. We provide our service around the clock, as our customers can contact us at any time to reserve their favorite car or change rental plans. We are here to meet your needs efficiently and quickly.

A luxurious experience in your style: Whatever your needs, our limousine rental service delivers a luxurious and comfortable experience every time. Choose freedom and excellence in every journey, and contact us today to enjoy a driving experience or benefit from our chauffeur service.

Wedding limousine service

Wedding day is one of the most important days in everyone’s life, and we are here to make these special moments more beautiful and luxurious. Our wedding limousine service offers luxury vehicles equipped with the finest touches and interiors. Our professional chauffeur drives you to the church or hall in safety and elegance, giving you an unforgettable experience. Therefore, the wedding day is considered one of the most important moments in a couple’s life, and we are here to make these special moments more beautiful and luxurious.

Our service offers luxury limousines that are elegantly decorated to match the wedding atmosphere. The refined decorations and lavish interiors ensure that you have a glamorous and luxurious entrance to the party. Our professional drivers are also highly experienced and skilled in providing limousine service for weddings. Drivers strive to provide a comfortable and safe experience, adding a touch of elegance to the trip with their politeness and professionalism.

On your wedding day, we understand the importance of timing. Our team provides a flexible service that allows newlyweds to determine the schedule that suits them, with flexibility to deal with changes that may occur in plans.

Comfort and privacy:

Luxury limousines provide a comfortable and private environment for the newlyweds. Whether you are preparing to arrive at the church or the hall, the limousine provides you with comfort and tranquility to enjoy your special moments. In addition, we understand that every wedding has a unique character, and therefore we provide a customized service that is consistent with the vision of the bride and groom. You can decide the details of your wedding, whether it’s the color of the flowers or your favorite music.

Multiple car service: Our service provides a variety of cars to meet the preferences of the newlyweds. From luxury sedans to classic cars, you can choose from a variety that suits your taste. Enjoy your happy moments with the utmost luxury: Our wedding limousine service aims to transform your special day into an unforgettable experience full of elegance and luxury. Leave the transportation details to us, and enjoy every moment of your special day. Contact us today to book and make your wedding day an unforgettable moment.

Conference limousine service

In the business world, conferences and meetings are vital opportunities to build relationships and expand networks. Our conference limousine service offers a luxury transportation solution for participants, with an emphasis on efficiency and professionalism. You will find our team ready to meet your specific requirements and ensure you reach your destination safely and on time. Conference limousine service is also an integral part of the success of any business event or meeting. We provide the limousine experience in a luxurious style to contribute to the success of conferences and meetings that are part of the business world.

Our conference limousine service provides a level of professionalism that matches business requirements. Our carefully trained team of chauffeurs ensures that every conference trip is a luxurious but also efficient experience. Therefore, we realize the importance of time in business, and therefore we make sure to organize waiting times and transfers accurately. You can count on our drivers to ensure you reach your appointments efficiently and without delay.

We have a variety of luxury cars available, from luxury sedans to comfortable SUVs. Customers can choose the vehicle that suits their needs and preferences.

Our conference limousine service offers customized options to meet your exact needs. From specifically organizing car mattresses to meeting any special needs, we are here to make your experience unique and comfortable.

We put security and confidentiality at the core of our service. We adopt the highest security standards to ensure that you travel safely, and we ensure complete confidentiality at all times. Our conference limousine service combines luxury and professionalism to fully meet business needs. Contact us today to book our service and make your conference relocation experience unforgettable and optimal.

Tourist transportation limousine service

Whether you’re getting ready to explore the sights or take a luxury vacation, our tourist transportation service provides comfort and style during your trip. You can enjoy a private tour with ease, as our team allows you to choose the destinations and stops in the places you want to visit. Exploring beauty in elegance and comfort with the tourist transportation limousine service experience is essential to a smooth and comfortable travel experience, as it combines elegance and luxury to achieve maximum enjoyment while exploring tourist destinations.

With our tourist transportation limousine service, you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious tourist trip without any hassle. Choose our company to achieve an unforgettable travel experience, where luxury combines the comfort of travel with the beauty of exploration. Contact us today to book and discover the beauty of traveling in style. We are here to provide you with a luxury limousine experience that exceeds your expectations.

Choose our company for peace of mind and excellence on every trip. Contact us today to book and enjoy unforgettable trips with the upscale limousine company.

The beginning of tourist transportation limousine

  1. Luxury travel experience:
    Our tourist transportation limousine service offers a luxurious experience that adds a touch of luxury to your trip. Traveling with a professional chauffeur in a luxury car makes every moment a unique experience.
  2. Our professional drivers:
    Our team of drivers are carefully trained in driving and hospitality skills. They have knowledge of the tourist sites and local culture, ensuring you have a comfortable and productive trip.
  3. Comfortable and luxury cars:
    Choosing the right car for your tourist trip will provide you with an excellent riding experience. From luxury sedans to comfortable SUVs, you can choose the car that suits your needs and taste.
  4. Flexible flight schedule:
    Our service provides flexibility in flight schedule to meet the needs of tourists. Whether you want to visit the sights or enjoy a quiet stroll, we can organize the trip according to your preferences.
  5. Airport reception service:
    We offer airport pick-up service to avoid any stress upon your arrival. Our professional driver can meet you at the airport and provide comfort and assistance in getting to your destination.
  6. Explore the sights safely:
    We make safety our top priority. Our vehicles follow high safety standards, and we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable travel experience.