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Rent Mercedes

Mercedes cars for rent in Egypt

Renting a luxury Mercedes Benz is a lot of fun. If you are looking for luxury and fun Mercedes cars for rent, we offer you a wide range of the latest models of Benz limousines for rent from Bedaya Limousine Company today. You can rent your Mercedes on a monthly, daily basis and for a longer period. Annually on request or rent a Mercedes with driver.

From Cairo Airport, a reception service for the elderly. For visitors and tourists and take them anywhere in Egypt. The drivers are well trained to speak accurate foreign languages and will not miss appointments. In addition, we are distinguished by regular and daily car sterilization and washing of the car after each car receipt from our customers, which is also prominent when renting a Mercedes car in Egypt. All of our drivers are volunteers in the fight against the Coronavirus. You and your children are safe with Limousine Start.

You can rent your favorite Mercedes car through Bedaya Limousine Mercedes Car Rental Company. Which provides the best car rental services in Egypt. There are many companies that offer the most luxurious collection of Mercedes cars at the best prices. Therefore, all customers praise them for their service and prices when renting a Mercedes car in Egypt, so take advantage of their exclusive offers for Mercedes cars in Cairo with chauffeur.

Rent Mercedes E200

We offer you Mercedes model 2020 and 2022 Mercedes e200 rentals at the best car rental prices in Egypt. The Mercedes E200 features an elegant interior and exterior design with power windows. And you can find luxury in all its forms at the start of a limousine. Rent a Mercedes E200 and enjoy the highest security system. They are equipped with non-slip grips for the ability to drive in the rain or on slippery surfaces.

It also has airbags for the driver and passengers to keep them safe. Because at the beginning of a limousine, we are always keen to provide all safety measures. The car features a large fuel tank of 59 liters. Plus a large trunk, giving you the space you need for all your luggage and stuff. We have a Mercedes e200 car that serves expatriates from abroad and residents of Egypt as well as businessmen.

Rent Mercedes S400

Mercedes s400 yachts latest models for rent in Egypt Mercedes s450 s400 latest models for rent in Cairo for trips, businessmen services, limousines, parties, events and VIP services at the airport. That is why we have the latest and most luxurious limousines and recreational vehicles at the best prices and discounts in Egypt. Available in a wide range of colors.

The Mercedes S400 yacht for rent in Egypt is considered one of the most luxurious cars for rent in Cairo. As it contains more luxuries that distinguish it from other cars. Rent a Mercedes S400 yacht for luxury car rental in Egypt with Bidaya Limousine Company. Call now and book your Mercedes s450 – s400 at the lowest car rental prices in Egypt. All Mercedes s400 – s450 – s560 – s500 – s600 – e200 luxury cars are also available to rent. – e250 – e300 offers the best cars at the cheapest car rental rates.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz S400 from Bedaya Limousine in Cairo and enjoy exclusive offers on all Mercedes cars. We offer you in all its grades to rent the S400 with an elegant look. The S400 gives you safety on the road as it has headlights that work perfectly in foggy roads and a device to control the level of its lighting. Hurry up and book a Mercedes S400 2020 rental contract at the best rental prices in Egypt, discounts and offers on all cars with driver for the summer months.

Mercedes E450 rental with driver

We offer you a car rental service. We have all kinds of cars and all models. Enjoy luxury on the road and book your car rental with us. Start Limousine has different car rental systems. Daily, monthly and weekly Mercedes car rental with driver only. It is also once a year, whether the car rental service has a driver or not, we can all provide the customer with a rental system that suits him but what distinguishes us from many car rental companies in the Egyptian market.

We offer tenants flexibility with all systems in terms of dates, prices and conditions, which may push people to change systems or make adjustments at any time. Alternatively, if you want a specific rental system with specific details, we will deliver your request as quickly as possible with the easiest booking method. You will find it in the world of car rental.

For the benefit of our customers. Our cars have a high level of safety system as the car has a system to maintain a safe distance between the car and other cars. In addition to emergency braking and airbags for the driver and passenger, there is also an assistant who stays in the lane.

Mercedes maybach rental

Easily rent a Mercedes Maybach with the best limousine company and the best wedding rental service with all types of convertibles at the lowest prices in Egypt. So rent a Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes S Class Maybach – Interior design of the 2021 Mercedes S Class Maybach. Mercedes S Class Maybach, Maybach.

Enjoy the best prices and the highest level of limousine service in Egypt. Mercedes-Benz Rental for the most important trip, perfect time and unlimited luxury German luxury Mercedes-Benz cars are one of the most efficient and in demand. the new look of Mercedes-Benz is here in a great and unique way Mercedes-Benz rent the new model, monthly and yearly.

Rent Mercedes Viano V250 family

luxury family Mercedes-Benz Viano model 2022 Rental with a driver only for an Egyptian or Arab luxury family in Cairo. The first company in Egypt to rent luxury Mercedes cars at the cheapest prices. We are proud that 90% of Bidaya Limousine customers are Arabs, which makes us unique. Mercedes rents modern cars equipped with all the amenities, safety and luxury that you need to spend and enjoy your vacation in Egypt. We have a fleet of modern luxury Mercedes cars in Egypt. Customers) We have a variety of Mercedes rental cars, color is available. The cheapest Mercedes car rental prices in Egypt

Mercedes car rental for weddings

Rent a Mercedes-Benz E200 for your wedding night, the elegant design will give you an impressive and distinctive look. Its interior design is also luxurious, adding elegance to your wedding day. Rent an air-conditioned Mercedes E200 for your wedding, equipped with the latest equipment, and host your wedding anywhere in Cairo. Make your day special by renting your wedding car from Bedaya Limousine with great offers and exclusive discounts for a limited time. We’ll provide you with wedding car rental services, everything, everything, everything, everything.

Mercedes wedding rental

Wedding car rental at the beginning of a limousine. Offers deals and discounts for the newlyweds, and prices include the driver, gasoline, and decorations. BEDAYA LIMOUSINE offers you a wide range of wedding vehicles, including sedans, convertibles, as well as limousines.

We provide you with a wide variety of options. Making it easy for you to choose from the most beautiful and latest wedding cars. Hence the lower prices, including the driver, gasoline and trims. Book your wedding car with us now, make it more unique and elegant, and create beautiful memories with a start.

The price of renting a Mercedes car in Egypt

The price of car rental in Egypt varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of vehicle. At the beginning, we offer you great discounts on renting all Mercedes cars in all categories. To meet the needs of all clients residing in Egypt as well as clients from abroad.

We provide you with a service to rent Mercedes cars of all makes and models in Egypt. You need at a price that suits you to book as soon as possible. We rent Mercedes cars in Egypt and have the largest fleet of limousine taxis there. So do not look for alternatives. Our company has experience in renting cars and renting tourist buses.

So we offer special prices just for you. The prices for renting a Mercedes in Egypt from Bedaya Limousine Company start at 1,500 Egyptian pounds for airport connections, and 4,000 Egyptian pounds for a tour inside Cairo.