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Mercedes car rental in Nasr City

Car rental in Cairo
car rental

Limousine car rental in Egypt

Car rental in Cairo Nasr City is rather easy, due to the huge number of car rental companies in Nasr City, as the Nasr City area has become very crowded and filled with many shops, and therefore markets, as well as companies and hospitals, so movement in it is considered permanent and continuous. 24 hours a day, so renting a car in Nasr City is fairly easy, as it is easy to deliver the car from anywhere in Cairo to Nasr City 01101747711

The most important places in Nasr City

One of the advantages of Nasr City is that it is located east of Cairo, in the middle of the neighborhoods, as follows:



New Cairo

Therefore, Nasr City is an extension of the Heliopolis neighborhood, and it is one of the upscale and new areas, and therefore it has many advantages such as:

Its proximity to the center of Cairo.

Strong commercial activity due to the large number of shops and markets.

Presence of health services.

Availability of schools of all kinds.

There are many social levels in Nasr City, whereby there are:

popular areas

Medium area

above average areas

luxury area.

Therefore, Nasr City can be reached in several ways, such as:

Ring road

Victory Road

Martyr axis

Underground metro to the stadium and fairground stations

Rent the latest types of cars in Nasr City and the most important hotels

Bidaya Limousine Company offers car rental in Egypt due to its proximity to areas that are not far from it, 12 kilometers from the following areas:

Diamond Hotel

Intercontinental Citystars Cairo

Tolip Golden Plaza Hotel

Sonesta Hotel & Tower Cairo

Holiday Inn Citystars

Maxim Hotel

Abbas Al-Akkad Street

Abbas Al-Akkad Street is considered the most famous street in Nasr City, and it is parallel to Makram Ebeid Street and Al-Tayaran Street.

Makram Ebeid Street

Makram Ebeid Street is considered one of the most famous streets in Nasr City, and therefore it is spread with luxurious shops and agencies of the most famous restaurants, sportswear companies, and commercial malls such as City Stars Mall, City Mall, and Genena Mall, and it witnesses a constant movement that extends until the early hours of the morning.

Mostafa El Nahas Street

Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street is also considered one of the most famous streets in Nasr City, and this street connects the most famous main streets of Nasr City, which are:

Abbas El Akkad

And Makram Ebeid

Hassan Al-Mamoun.

Rent the latest cars in my city, rent a car, Cairo

Car rental in Madinaty 01101747711 Therefore, it is easy, as Madinaty is relatively far from the center of the city center, and Madinaty is considered one of the most expensive new cities that have been established in the recent period, and therefore it is located on the Suez Road after Al-Rehab City and in front of Al-Shorouk City.

And since Madinaty is about 35 kilometers away from Nasr City, the services in it are not sufficient to some extent due to the distance, as well as renting apartments and shops that are somewhat expensive, including services, so we recommend contacting the management of Bidaya Limousine Company directly, and thus we deliver the car to your place .

Cairo car rental in Mokattam

Car Rental Mokattam | 01101747711 Therefore, it is not an easy matter, as the Mokattam Hill is located in the highest area in Cairo, which is the Mokattam Hill, and this resulted in a small number of car showrooms there, which made Bidaya Limousine Company rent a car in Egypt from providing its services, renting a car in Mokattam.

The Mokattam Plateau consists of 3 regions, as follows:

upper plateau

Central plateau region

lower plateau

Car rental in Mokattam | Car rental Cairo

Bedaya Limousine Company is also one of the most important companies for renting all kinds of the latest cars in Egypt and its proximity to all regions

corneche Street

The most important area in the upper plateau of Mokattam is Corniche Street, as when you stand on it, you can see many of Cairo’s landmarks

Uptown Cairo Mokattam

Uptown Cairo Mokattam is located in a strategic location on the roof of Mokattam Mountain in the upper plateau, as well as the residents of Uptown Cairo enjoy an unprecedented view of the city of Cairo. The project includes many villas, residential buildings, administrative buildings, golf courses, as well as hotels, and is considered one of the finest and most expensive residential neighborhoods in Cairo in general, and inhabits the very high class of society, and its units enjoy distinguished services and high finishing.

The most important tourist attractions in Egypt we talk.

We are talking about Egypt’s tourist attractions. There are many, many tourist attractions in Egypt, of which new ones are still being discovered. Indeed, it is the country of antiquities, the country of the Pharaohs.

In addition to the thousands of museums and artifacts that were discovered over the course of 5000 years, which is the age of the Egyptian civilization, the new discoveries did not dry up. Every day discover something new and new

Here we come to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, as well as one of the most famous monuments of all. It is the three pyramids that explain the greatness of the Egyptian pharaohs in construction

It comes after it in importance, and it is the statue of the Great Sphinx in the same area as the pyramids

  Also, the Valley of the Kings is one of the greatest ancient temples on earth, as well as the Karnak Temple in Aswan.

Luxor Temple in Luxor City, as well as the Khan El Khalili area.

  Among the most important tourist attractions is the Island Tower, so you are standing above you can see most of the features of Cairo, and there is also the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi

Among the most prominent tourist areas are:

Rest King Farouk Helwan

Azbakeya wall

Al-Azhar Mosque

the hanging Church

Bab Zuweila

Babylon fortress

Muhammad Ali Mosque

Ibn Qalawun Mosque


The most important appropriate means of transportation

Most of us think about the most appropriate way to visit these tourist attractions, so your use of transportation will waste your vacation, as a waste of time, due to the time that you will waste asking about transportation.

In addition, transportation will not get you to the nearest place you want in the fastest time.

Therefore, we advise you to do the following:

Advantages of renting a car in Cairo

Renting a car with a driver, as well as renting a car without a driver,

because renting a car in Cairo will undoubtedly help you to increase the number of more places in one day 01101747711

We also recommend you the best car rental company in Egypt, Bedaya Limousine Company, car rental in Cairo

Most people use automatic cars in Cairo.

In addition to that, if you ask most Egyptians,

they will tell you that you will not be able to drive easily in the streets of Cairo,

therefore, except with an automatic car,

due to the heavy traffic, in addition to the large number of stops at the signals.

Therefore, you will be bored and tired of driving an ordinary manual car.

This leads to the fact that you will not be able to visit Egypt’s tourist attractions in Cairo,

so you will spend most of your trips without an automatic car.

Therefore, we invite you to rent your (automatic) car,

especially from Bidaya Limousine Car Rental Company located in Cairo, Nasr Abbas Al-Akkad City, 7 Muhammad Hassan Al-Gamal

And to visit the tourist attractions of Egypt:

It is very convenient for you, for the car to come to your place

, and thus finish all the procedures at your place instead of wasting your time going down and heading to the place of any car rental company.

However, it is also possible that you will not find what you want there,

so you will go to another company, and so on, which leads to wasting your time.

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